Here are some recent statistics about the Thrift Savings Plan:

Check out the historical TSP Funds and L Funds prices since 2003!

Check out the variability among all the funds with these latest boxplots!

See how much your accounts would be worth by investing over the lifetime of these funds.

Check out historical and current annuity rates here.

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Check out the total returns of the L Funds here, to see how they have performed since their inception in 2005.

Check out the most recent average account balances here...

See how much TSP account balances have grown over the years!

...and see the most recent average BRS/mil account balances here too...!

See the total annual TSP holdings here, with historical break-outs by fund.

Check out the monthly percentage returns of the TSP Funds and L Funds prices since their inception. Here's one example chart, for the L Funds:

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