June 17, 2019

These are the top 50 holdings in the C Fund, as of June 2019 (scroll over the charts to get detailed info).

(*Due to daily market swings, companies’ relative positions change often. Some companies appear multiple times: “Alphabet,” the parent company of Google, is listed twice due the nature of the “Class A” and “Class C” share structures, for example. See footnote for sourcing details.)

These are the top 50 holdings in the I Fund, as of June 2019:

These are the top holdings in the S Fund, as of the end of May 2019:

ServiceNow Inc.
Worldpay Inc
Workday Inc.
Tesla, Inc
T-Mobile US Inc
Las Vegas Sands
Veeva Systems Inc
Square, Inc.
Palo Alto Networks Inc.
Costar Group Inc

(Note: constituent data for the C Fund and I Fund are available from Blackrock - the manager of the funds - here and here. Relatively less information is available with a percentage breakdown of top holdings of the S Fund, but information on the top ten is available on the site of the index manager here. )

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