April 18, 2012

According to January 2012 statistics, the Thrift Savings Plan exceeded $300 billion in assets, coming to a little over $302,142,000,000 at the end of the month. The amount was a combination of TSP participants’ contributions and growth in the various funds.

(Note: for updated figures on total TSP holdings, see this post)

With 4,538,000 participants, that works out to an average of $66,580 per TSP account holder. Of course, with one participant having over $4 million in his or her TSP account, and with hundreds of others with over $1,000,000, not everyone has that same amount – some have more, and some have less. But it is a testament to TSP savers and investors that we have reached this milestone so close to the 25th anniversary of the TSP. Congratulations, everyone!

TSP Assets

January 2012 TSP Fund Totals

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