These are some recent statistics about the Thrift Savings Plan:

    L Fund Holdings

    These are the top holdings in the L Funds, as of April 2019.

    TSP Fund Balances

    Below are the total balances among the five TSP (G, F, C, S, and I) funds and the L Funds, according to the latest-available figures (2017).

    TSP Annuity Rates

    Here are the current and historical annuity rates offered via

    TSP Participation Rates

    These are the participation rates and total number of participants in the TSP, according to TSP administrators.

    Top Holdings in the C, S, and I Funds

    These are the top holdings in the C Fund, as of October 30th:

    TSP Fund Returns

    What would your TSP account be worth if you had invested over the past 30 years?