Super Bert Charts His Course... These are some recent statistics about the Thrift Savings Plan:

    TSP Annuity Rates

    Here are the current and historical annuity rates offered via

    L Fund Holdings

    These are the top holdings in the L Funds, as of April 2019.

    TSP Fund Balances

    Below are the total balances among the five TSP (G, F, C, S, and I) funds and the L Funds, according to the latest-available figures (2017).

    TSP Participation Rates

    These are the participation rates and total number of participants in the TSP, according to TSP administrators.

    Top Holdings in the C, S, and I Funds

    These are the top holdings in the C Fund, as of October 30th:

    TSP Fund Returns

    What would your TSP account be worth if you had invested over the past 30 years?